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Star Wars Widevision Sketch Cards

A list of current Topps Star Wars Widevision Artist Sketch Cards! Sort by items ending first. Sketch cards... they're not just for kids anymore! - Mike D

Star Wars: Clone Wars Season 1 Widevision

80-card set plus sequentially numbered silver foil stamped parallels and gold foil stampled parallels. Also, Foil, Flix Pix, Animation Clear Cels, and Season 2 Sneak Preview cards. Features both retail and hobby exclusive Widevision Artist Sketch Cards. Retail exclusive sketch cards have a Yoda back. Hobby exclusive Sketch Cards have an Anakin Skywalker back and hobby exclusive Animator Sketch Cards have an Asajj Ventress back. Sketch card artists include: Alex Buechel, Amy Pronovost, Ben Curtis Jones, Bill Pulkovski, Brian Miller, Brian Rood, Bruce Gerlach, Bryan Morton, Carlo Soriano, Carolyn Edwards, Cat Staggs, Colleen Doran, Chris Henderson, Cynthia Cummens (as Cynthis Narcisi), Dan Bergren, Dan Cooney, Darla Ecklund, David Day, David Rabbitte, Denise Vasquez, Don Pedicini, Jr., Frank Villarreal, Gabe Farber, Gabe Hernandez, Grant Gould, Hamilton Cline, Hayden Davis, Ingrid Hardy, Irma Ahmed, Jake Minor, James Bukauskas, Jamie Snell, Jason Sobol, Jeremy Treece, Jess Hickman, Jim Kyle, Joe Corroney, Jon Morris, Josh Fargher, John Soukup, Justin Chung, Karen Krajenbrink, Kate Glasheen, Katie Cook, Kevin Doyle, Kevin Graham, Kevin Liell, Kyle Babbitt, Lance Sawyer, Leah Mangue, Lee Kohse, Lord Mesa, Mark McHaley, Matt Minor, Matte Chero, Michael Duron, Nicole Falk, Nina Edlund, Randy Martinez, Rhiannon Owens, Rich Molinelli, Rich Woodall, Robert Hendrickson, Robert Teranishi, Russ Walks, Sarah Wilkinson, Scott D. M. Simmons, Sean Pence, Soni Alcorn-Hender, Spencer Brinkerhoff III, Steven Miller, Steve Oatney, Ted Dastick, Jr., Tim Proctor, Tod Allen Smith, Tom Hodges, and more.

Recent Auction Titles

TOPPS-STAR WARS-ESB-3D WIDEVISION SKETCH CARD-BOBBA FETT-JUAN RAMOS, Star Wars Empire Strikes Back 30th Widevision 3D Hobby Box Autograph Sketch, 2009 Star Wars Clone Wars Widevision Jon Morris "Anakin Skywalker" Ske, B&L HANS Widevision Star Wars Topps Empire Strikes Back Sketch ESB Erik Maell, STAR WARS CLONE WIDEVISION SKETCH CARD ZACK GIALLONGO, STAR WARS CLONE WIDEVISION SKETCH CARD RICH WOODALL, Topps Empire Strikes Back Sketch ESB Widevision Star Wars Erik Maell RARE YODA, 2009 Topps Star Wars The Clone Wars Widevision Princess Sketch by Colleen Doran, STAR WARS CLONE WARS SEASON 1 (2009) WIDEVISION SKETCH CARD JAMIE SNELL, STAR WARS The Clone Wars: Widevision Sketch Card by Robert Teranishi, Star Wars Clone Wars Widevision Lance Saywer Sketch Card Clone Troopers, Star Wars Clone Wars Widevision Bruce Gerlach Sketch Card Kit Fisto, STAR WARS CLONE WIDEVISION SKETCH CARD CAT STAGGS, STAR WARS CLONE WARS WIDEVISION RETAIL BOX SKETCH 1/48, Topps Clone Wars Widevision 1/1 sketch Zack Giallongo, STAR WARS The Empire Strikes Back: Widevision Sketch Card by Randy Martinez, Topps Empire Strike Back Sketch ESB Widevision Star Wars Erik Maell RED INK YODA, STAR WARS CLONE WIDEVISION ANIMATOR SKETCH BY KEN MIN, 2009 STAR WARS CLONE WARS WIDEVISION BOSSK SKETCH CARD BY TED DASTICK, (see above)

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