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Justice League of America Archives SketchaFEX Sketch Cards

A list of current Rittenhouse's Justice League of America Archives SketchaFEX Sketch Card and related auctions! Sketch cards never lose their appeal. There are no limits and they are always fresh and exciting. - Chris Mixer

Justice League of America Archives Trading Cards

72-card set featuring a historical retrospective on the legendary DC Comics team covering the team's history from 1960 to 1969. Plus 18 Super Friends (1:8), 7 Founding Members (1:24), and 6 Other Earths (1:12) subsets. Sketch cards by Al Bigley (100), Kate Bradley (190), Corey Breen (250), Pat Broderick (133), James Bukauskas (200), Mark Dos Santos (200), Neil Edwards (200), Brent Engstrom (250), Mike Fiorentino (200), Joel Gomez (200), Matthew Goodmanson (200), Kevin Graham (200), Fred Haynes (225), Don Hillsman II (110), Aaron Houston (200), John Haun (200), Brian Kong (250), Jim Kyle (200), Cully Long (200), Warren Martineck (200), Rich Molinelli (200), Chris Moreno (200), Nathan Ohlendorf (200), Rhiannon Owens (200), Dennis Pacheo (200), Andy Price (200), Harvey Richards (225), Tone Rodriguez (250), Ronald Salas (200), Michael Sellers (200), Dezi Sienty (250), Uko Smith (250), Jason Sobol (200), Mark Spears (200), Bobby Vala (200), Tom Valente (225), Justin Vandemark (200), Steve Wands (225), and Nathan Watson (200). 3-case incentive: Felipe Massafera sketch card. 9-case incentive: Bard sketch card.

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