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DC Legacy SketchaFEX Sketch Cards

A list of current Rittenhouse Archives DC: Legacy SketchaFEX Sketch Cards and related auctions! Sketch cards... Why stop at 600? Don't!! - AnneCat

DC Universe: Legacy

The first DC Comics trading card set to feature Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Flash, Aquaman, and other legendary DC characters as they have appeared in comic books from the 1930s to the present! 50-card base set plus 50 Gold Parallel, 9 First Title Covers, 9 DC Gallery, 9 Legendary Heroes cards. SketchaFEX sketch cards (1:24) by Al Bigley (200), Allison Sohn (100), Andy Price (498), Bob Mcleod (250), Brent Engstrom(300), Brian Kong(450), Bryan Hitchen (89, Archive Box Exclusive), Cully Long (150), Cezar Razek (499), Dan Borgonos (225), Dan Day (466), Daniel Brandão (350) , Darren Auck (347), Darryl Banks (100), Dave Fox (100), Dave Lynch (150), David Day (450), Di Amorin (250), Don Hillsman II (200), Eddie Wagner (250), Grant Gould (300), Guy Dorian (60, Archive Box Exclusive), Ian Dorian (64, Archive Box Exclusive), James Bukauskas (300), Jason Sobol (200), Jeff Chandler (100), Jeff Welborn (275), Jessica Hickman (50, Archive Box Exclusive), Jim Kyle (250), John Czop (425), Justin Chung (125), Katie Cook (132), Louis Small (150), Lui Antonio (200), Mahmud Anjum Asrar (274) , Mark Dos Santos (501), Mark McHaley (300), Mark Spears (600), Matthew Goodmanson (300) , Mike Lilly (50, Archive Box Exclusive), Otis T. Frampton IV (100), Ray Dillion (500), Renae De Liz (300), Rich Molinelli (324), Ron Wilson (250), Sean Galloway (100), Steven Miller (225), Ted Rechlin (200), Thomas Hodges (550), Tom Nguyen (200), Tone Rodriguez (350), Tony Perna (275), Tyler Richlen (300), Uko Smith (750), and Warren Martineck (200). Collector's album: autographed card by Joe Kubert. 1-case incentive: autographed card by Denny O'Neil. 3-case incentive: sketch card by Nick Cardy or Luis Dominguez. 9-case incentive: Oversized 5 x7" sketch board by Cat Staggs or Mark Spears.

Recent Auction Titles

DC LEGACY - Sketch Card - David Day, DC Legacy Grant Gould sketch card, DC LEGACY DR. FATE SKETCH CARD BY CZOP, DC Legacy Sketch Sketchafex Poison Ivy Cezar Razek, DC Legacy sketch card by Dan Borgones, JOKER "SKETCHAFEX SKETCH BY ANDY PRICE" DC LEGACY, DC LEGACY AQUAMAN SKETCH BY DOMINGUEZ 3 CASE INCENTIVE, DC Legacy sketch card by Brian Kong, DC Legacy Uko Smith Sketch card, HOURMAN "SKETCHAFEX SKETCH BY TED RECHLIN" DC LEGACY, DC Legacy Cully Long sketch card, DC Legacy Dave Lynch sketch card, DC Legacy James Bukauskas sketch card, DC Legacy Ron Wilson sketch card, DC LEGACY - Sketch Card - Rich Molinelli, DC LEGACY NIGHTWING SKETCH CARD BY GRANT GOULD, DC Legacy sketch card by Dave Lynch, DC Legacy sketch card by Darren Auck, DC Legacy sketch card by Jeff Chandler, (see above)

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