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Card Sets with Sketch Cards

To view auctions and info about a specific card set, click a card set name below... Even the smallest sketch card can change the world. - Len Bellinger / ocdlotr

Recent Auction Titles

Munsters Sketch Card-Lily, Jack Nicklaus Sketch Card 4/100 Limited Signed Edward Vela, Munsters Sketch Card-Grandpa, ThunderCATS CHEETARA Original Sketch Card Painting by Bianca Thompson, 2014 Perna Halloween Hallowe'en sketch card By Sha Nee Williams, JIM THORPE ACEO SKETCH CARD PRINT 5/25, ACEO 1/1 Sketch Card George Brett Kansas City Royals HOF Baseball Juan Rosales, Teddy Bridgewater Sketch Card 8/100 Limited NFL Signed Edward Vela, KEN GRIFFEY JR SKETCH CARD PRINT 4/25, Randy White 2013 Leaf Masterworks autograph and sketch card (1/1), (see above)

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