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Tom Hodges

Tom Hodges

Sketch Card Credits

Star Wars: Heritage (Topps, 2004)
Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith (Topps, 2005)
Lord of the Rings: Evolution (Topps, 2006)
Lord of the Rings: Masterpieces (Topps, 2006)
The Wizard of Oz - Series I (Breygent, 2006)
Marvel Heroes: The Complete Avengers (Rittenhouse, 2006)
The New Avengers (Strictly Ink, 2006)
Doctor Who Trilogy (Strictly Ink, 2006)
CSI: Series 3 (Strictly Ink, 2006)
Hellboy: Sword of Stone Animated (Inkworks, 2007)
Transformers: The Movie (Topps, 2007)
Halo (Topps, 2007)
Star Wars 30th Anniversary (Topps, 2007)
DC Universe: Legacy (Rittenhouse, 2007)
Heroes: Season One (Topps, 2008)
Lord of the Rings: Masterpieces II (Topps, 2008)
Indiana Jones: Heritage (Topps, 2008)
Iron Man Movie Trading Cards (Rittenhouse, 2008)
Marvel Masterpieces II (Upper Deck, 2008)
Star Wars: The Clone Wars (Topps, 2008)
Indiana Jones: Masterpieces (Topps, 2008)
Star Wars Galaxy 4 (Topps, 2009)
Star Wars: Clone Wars Season 1 Widevision (Topps, 2009)
Star Wars Galaxy 5 (Topps, 2010)
Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back 3D (Topps, 2010)


Hailing from the Philadelphia area, artist Tom Hodges has been a lifelong Star Wars fan. After high school, Tom spent a good amount of time working on his comic skills and started doing covers for a small press company, South Jersey Rebellion Productions. After a short while, Tom went back to school to the Art Institute of Philadelphia to study Traditional & Computer animation. There he honed his own style. Tom went from the next "wannabe" to a "one of a kind".

After completing School, Tom moved to San Francisco to attend Film School, it didn't take. So after 8 months, he ditched Film School and began pursuing work in comics. His convention networking led him straight to Paul Ens, Director of Lucas Online, who later asked Hodges if he was interested in developing an online webstrip for

In addition to various Star Wars projects, Hodges is also working on a graphic novel with Marv Wolfman (creator of Blade and the Teen Titans) called Secret Identities for Platinum Studios. His series MidKnight (Formerly known by his fans as The D'VilKnights) is published by Red 5 Comics, but is also in pre-production with a new company, Cartoon Ventures, to be produced as an animated series.

Tom resides in San Antonio, Texas with his wife Terri (co-creator of MidKnight), their son Logan and 7 cats.

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