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    What Are Sketch Cards?

    Sketch card are trading cards with actual hand-drawn original art on them. These collectibles, each one-of-a-kind, are randomly inserted into trading card packs for various card sets. Currently, popular sketch cards are from sets for Star Wars (Topps) and Marvel Comics properties such as Marvel Masterpieces (Upper Deck), and Marvel Universe (Rittenhouse Archives).

    The popularity of sketch cards is demonstrated, in part, by the highest prices for recent completed sketch card auctions.

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    Recent Auction Titles

    STAR WARS GALAXY 7 SKETCH CARD BY JOE HOGAN, Jack Nicklaus Sketch Card 4/100 Limited Signed Edward Vela, Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back 3D Widevision Sketch Card By Shea Standefer, Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back 3D Widevision Sketch Card By Cassandra Siemon, Katie Cook SKETCH CARD Usagi Yojimbo, Walking Dead Moments - Season 5 - Carol and Judith - ACEO - sketch card, STAR WARS GALAXY 7 SKETCH CARD BY STEPHANIE SWANGER, 2014 Perna Halloween Hallowe'en sketch card By Sha Nee Williams, Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back 3D Widevision Sketch Card By Doug Cowan, STAR WARS GALAXY 7 COMMANDER BACARA SKETCH CARD BY LAWRENCE REYNOLDS, 2014 Perna Halloween Hallowe'en sketch card Babisu Kourtis, GARBAGE PAIL KIDS FLASHBACK "JAY LYNCH" SKETCH CARD, Jameis Winston sketch card print # 9/25 by artist Damian Orengo, 2013 DC Women of Legend sketch card of Mera by Eduardo Garcia !, ACEO Art Sketch Card LEN DAWSON Original 1/1 Drawing 1964 Kansas City Chiefs, ACEO Art Sketch Card KENT HRBEK Original 1/1 Drawing Minnesota Twins 1980, Johnny Unitas #2 Sketch Card 13/100 Limited NFL Signed Edward Vela, ACEO Art Sketch Card DAVE KINGMAN Original 1/1 Drawing Chicago Cubs, RICHARD COX RHIANNON OWENS PUZZLE JAM SKETCH CARD CONTEMPORARY PINUPS #0006 LOOK, Mars Attacks Heritage Blank Sketch Card! Unsigned and Blank! Official Topps!, THE WALKING DEAD CAROL HORROR SKETCH CARD ACEO PSC JIM KYLE, JIM8BALL #1555 SEXY HALLOWEEN WITCH COMICS SKETCH CARD ACEO ART, Kyrie Irving Sketch Card 5/100 Limited NBA Signed Edward Vela, JIM8BALL #1556 SEXY GHOST BUSTER COMICS SKETCH CARD ACEO ART, 2014 Marvel Universe 2 MATT GLEBE 1/1 Color Art Sketch Card, (see above)

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