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Welcome Sketch Card Collectors, Fans, and Artists!

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  • Marvel Universe 2014 (4/16/14)
  • Star Wars Perspectives (5/14/14)
  • Marvel Premier 2014 (8/13/14)

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    What Are Sketch Cards?

    Sketch card are trading cards with actual hand-drawn original art on them. These collectibles, each one-of-a-kind, are randomly inserted into trading card packs for various card sets. Currently, popular sketch cards are from sets for Star Wars (Topps) and Marvel Comics properties such as Marvel Masterpieces (Upper Deck), and Marvel Universe (Rittenhouse Archives).

    The popularity of sketch cards is demonstrated, in part, by the highest prices for recent completed sketch card auctions.

    NOTE: If you do not see any sketch cards below, adjust your ad blocking settings and enable javascript in your Web browser.

    Recent Auction Titles

    Breygent Vampirella Puzzle Artis proof Authentic Sketch Card By David Day, 2014 Topps Wacky Packages Ans12 Guaranteed 1/1 Sketch Card Hot Pack, 2014 Marvel Universe 2 JASON DAVIES COLOR 1/1 Art Sketch Card, 2014 Marvel Universe 2 JAMES LINARES 1/1 Art Sketch Card, BadAxe Studios BOMBSHELLS Sketch Card * McCORMACK * nudity, 2014 Terry Bradshaw Pittsburgh Steelers Legend Football 1/1 ACEO Art Sketch Card, Dc Deathstroke sketch card, Perna Studios Spellcasters Sketch Card * BATTALENE *, Marvel zombie Deadpool sketch card, 2014 Sbay 1/1 Rookie Sketch Card Mike Evans Tamba Bay Buccaneers By Dan Gorman, Star Trek Aliens Warren Martineck sketch card, 3 Alex Magno sketch card Marvel Bronze Age and Dangerous Divas Elektra, DEREK JETER 1/1 ACEO Sketch Card NEW YORK YANKEES 2014 artist signed, 2014 WACKY PACKAGES SKETCH CARD (BRUTE 88) 1/1 RARE!!!!! by Monserrat, Thorin Oakenshield The Hobbit Original Hand Drawn ACEO Sketch Card Mint Andy Fry, King Thranduil The Hobbit Original Hand Drawn ACEO Sketch Card Mint Andy Fry, BadAxe Studios Heavenly Bodies * OPENED SET, NO SKETCH CARD *, Elf of Rivendell The Hobbit Original Hand Drawn ACEO Sketch Card Mint Andy Fry, Jon Snow Game of Thrones Original Hand Drawn ACEO Sketch Card Mint A.Fry, Grimm Sketch Card - 3 case incentive - still factory sealed in bubble envelope, Seven of Nine Star Trek Voyager Original Hand Drawn ACEO Sketch Card Mint A.Fry, 2013 Topps Star Wars Illustrated Panorama Sketch Card Han Solo BP 1 of 1, Charles Barkley Sketch Card 23/100 Limited NBA Signed Edward Vela, ORIGINAL ACEO sketch card GAME OF THRONES Gwendoline Christie BRIENNE OF TARTH, ORIGINAL ACEO sketch card WALKING DEAD Madison Lintz SOPHIA, (see above)

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