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    What Are Sketch Cards?

    Sketch card are trading cards with actual hand-drawn original art on them. These collectibles, each one-of-a-kind, are randomly inserted into trading card packs for various card sets. Currently, popular sketch cards are from sets for Star Wars (Topps) and Marvel Comics properties such as Marvel Masterpieces (Upper Deck), and Marvel Universe (Rittenhouse Archives).

    The popularity of sketch cards is demonstrated, in part, by the highest prices for recent completed sketch card auctions.

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    Recent Auction Titles

    2008 TOPPS STADIUM CLUB ALEX GORDON 1/1 SKETCH CARD SIGNED BY ARTIST KC ROYALS, Alluring Marvel Fleer Retro Sketch Card of Psyloche by Humberto Fuentes !!!, Star Wars Galactic Files Sketch Card--Steve Lydic #1/1, Star Wars Galactic Files Sketch Card--Kimberly Dunaway #1/1, BadAxe Studios Westward Ho! Sketch Card * AXEBONE * nudity, 2015 Richard Sherman Seattle Seahawks Football 1/1 ACEO Art Sketch Card By: Q, 2015 Russell Wilson Seattle Seahawks Football 1/1 ACEO Art Sketch Card By: Q, Marvel 75th. Anniversary Hanie Mohd sketch card, 2015 Aceo Sketch Card Print Luis Tiant #1/25 by Anthony Douglas, PATRIOTS TEAM Sketch Card Print BUNDLE 12 CARDS #1/25 by Anthony Douglas, Marvel Dangerous Divas series 2 Luro Hersal sketch card, Cris Carter sketch card print # 8/25 by artist Damian Orengo, Captain America Winter Soldier Marvel Art Sketch Card Rain Lagunsad, Smaug / The Hobbit sketch card/ ACEO original pencil 3.5" x 5", Yogi Berra #6 Sketch Card 23/25 Limited New York Yankees Edward Vela, Willie Mays #11 Sketch Card 14/25 Limited San Francisco Giants Edward Vela, DANGEROUS DIVAS SERIES 2 MS MARVEL SKETCH CARD, Yadier Molina #2 Sketch Card 2/25 Limited St. Louis Cardinals Edward Vela, Julius Erving #4 Sketch Card 3/25 Limited Philadelphia 76ers Edward Vela, Star Wars Galactic Files Series 2 Lee Bradley Sketch Card, Original 1/1 ACEO Sketch Card X-Men Rogue By HM1 Art Himawan - Romania, Johnny Unitas #3 Sketch Card 6/25 Limited Baltimore Colts Edward Vela, Exquisite Contemporary Pinups Sketch Card by Larry Slickaway, Peyton Manning #11 Sketch Card 13/25 Limited Denver Broncos Edward Vela, 2010 TOPPS STAR WARS GALAXY SKETCH CARD C3PO LANCE SAWYER, (see above)

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